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Time passes, quality remains!

Time passes, quality remains!

In our country, the words grain, flour, bread, and pasta have been associated with one resounding name for over a hundred years – Danubius.

This ancient name of the river, along whose banks a flour and pasta factory with the richest tradition in the region was built, was not chosen by chance. It testifies to a timeless connection between the traditional and the modern.

The past is not discarded or forgotten; it is learned from and serves as the foundation for progress. One of the virtues of successful and long-lasting companies is the wise adaptation to the ever-changing spirit of the times.

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Danubius is the market leader in Serbia in the sale of flour and pasta

Danubius is the market leader in Serbia in the sale of flour and pasta. The seal of quality is ultimately provided by people! Experienced masters, who know the dough to the soul, understand how to treat each grain of wheat and what it takes to make flour of high quality. Wherever you try them in Serbia, every third pastry or bread, pasta, or cake is made from products from Danubius.

This is a great recognition for the factory, but also an obligation to continue the path it has followed so far… because time passes, but quality remains – Danubius.

This is how Danubius' journey through time looked...

In the year 1976, a new Danubius was founded, a factory of flour, pasta, and bakery products, where the then state-of-the-art technological achievements were applied.

Danubius in the past

When private ownership and entrepreneurship were revalued and brought to the level of normal everyday business, in 2006, successful privatization took place, and Danubius became a member of the Delta Corporation.

The new owner improved production by reconstructing equipment in the silos, replacing all the equipment in the mill, and introducing the latest pasta production line. Of crucial importance was the expansion of knowledge and dedication of all the people in the company. These are the people whose job is to turn golden grains into a healthy and delicious foundation for every meal.

Danubius today

Today, one century later, in Novi Sad, the heart of the Serbian breadbasket, where waterways, roads, and railways intersect, Danubius impresses with its preserved tradition and widely renowned quality of milling products and pasta.

Top-notch quality, modern packaging, and reasonable prices have made the Danubius brand a favorite choice when purchasing flour and pasta. The production and packaging equipment are now automated with robotics, ensuring that the pasta reaches the customer without human touch. Throughout the years, Danubius has evolved, adapting to the changing times while preserving its time-honored values and commitment to providing high-quality products. As a result, it remains a trusted name in the industry, continuing to delight consumers with its delicious and nutritious offerings.