Durum pasta is produced from top-quality Italian durum semolina, which is amber-yellow in color. The premium quality and balanced ratio of carbohydrates to proteins give durum pasta a delicate and pleasant flavor, as well as excellent cooking properties. When cooked in the Italian “al dente” style (so it’s not overcooked), the pasta is not sticky and has a very enjoyable taste.

At Danubius, we use top-grade Italian durum wheat semolina of high quality, which meets all the requirements of the refined Italian cuisine in which pasta is an essential ingredient.

By employing the secrets of Italian technology that guarantee high quality, “Danubius” produces a variety of different shapes of durum pasta for you: Spaghetti, Tubetti elicoidali, Penne rigate, Gnocchi, Cornetti creste, Fusilli, and Fusilli tricolore.


You can also find Danubius durum pasta in 1 kg and 2 kg packages.