The Quality and Product Control Department

The Quality and Product Control Department

The Quality and Product Safety Department boasts a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the latest instruments from renowned manufacturers like Foss, Chopin, Perten, and Brabender. This advanced laboratory enables comprehensive quality control of wheat, flour, and pasta.

The control procedures are carried out by highly skilled and experienced personnel, proficient in incoming, in-process, and final production inspections.

The Quality Department meticulously and thoroughly checks the raw materials and packaging upon receipt, monitors the entire production process, and conducts rigorous examinations of the final product. The commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards is evident in their continuous efforts to uphold the reputation of Danubius as a brand associated with excellence and safety.

International Standards

Great emphasis is placed on verifying the operations of the authorized Inspection Body (incoming raw materials), which is accredited for controlling the raw materials upon receipt. This involves determining the rheological and other properties of the wheat, based on which the grain is placed and stored in silo cells until processing in the mill. Safety and quality of food products are ensured through the implementation of the internationally recognized IFS Food ver.7 standard.

The implementation and certification of this standard serve as confirmation of our commitment to product quality and safety, placing us among reliable suppliers for major retail chains and manufacturers trusted by consumers. By adhering to rigorous international standards and continuously investing in modern technology and expertise, Danubius remains dedicated to delivering top-quality products while upholding the highest food safety standards. This commitment has earned them the trust of consumers and established them as a reputable and preferred choice in the market.

From Procurement to Customers

We prioritize product safety and quality throughout all stages and processes, from procurement to customers. Before each production cycle, a meticulous selection of raw materials takes place, and suppliers are thoroughly evaluated to preserve product quality, safety, and guard against fraud. By regularly monitoring the production process and investing in equipment and skilled personnel, we continuously raise the bar for quality, safety, sustainability, and ethics across the company.

We are always ready to address any inquiries related to our products and strive to meet customer demands while maintaining strong partnerships. Through regular market analysis and customer satisfaction evaluations, we gather insights to improve further and satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders. Our commitment to ensuring top-notch standards in every aspect of our operations reflects our dedication to consumer trust, reliability, and satisfaction. By upholding these values, Danubius remains a reputable and preferred choice in the market, valuing the well-being and trust of its customers above all else.